What is your view of God?

One of the greatest truths that has impacted my relationship with God came from a mentor in my life. We were sitting at lunch one day, and he said this to me very simply: “Your view of God will determine your response of God.”

I love that because what he was saying was if you want to be one of those people who has this big response to God, a life that is full of love and passion and excitement for Jesus, then it will have everything to do with your view of Him.If you are struggling in your response to God. If you feel apathetic, distant, or dry in your relationship with God, you can probably trace it back to your view of Him.

You need to know: where there is no intentionality, there will be no intimacy.

You want to have a big response to God? Then it first starts with your view of Him. You worship God for who He is, and then you respond with your life in light of who He is.

Timothy AteekExecutive Director of Vertical Ministries at Baylor in Waco, TX

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