The Great Dance of God

Dr. Jason Dees on C.S. Lewis and “The Great Dance of God”

When I think about the nature of God and how he exists in Trinitarian form, one of the most helpful ideas is a phrase C.S. Lewis came up with, “The Great Dance of God.”

couple-1299681_640When you see a couple dancing there are two individuals and a lot of steps. Dancing is complex and detail oriented. But when you watch people who really know how to dance, it doesn’t seem complex or detailed and you do not realize there are a lot of steps. There is a rhythm and a beauty about it. Someone is leading and someone is following, but you can’t tell because there is this oneness in the movement.

This is a great analogy for who God is. In the Godhead, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit each play different roles. The Father has a role, the Son is submitting to the Father, and the Spirit is proceeding from the Father and the Son. Though they are one in essence, they have different roles. But the way they move together and the rhythm and the harmony they share together is a picture of glorious oneness. It is “The Great Dance.”

Now imagine if you took this dance between three persons and spread it out across the whole creation. Think of the 2008 Beijing Olympics where 15,000 performers were performing with so many intricate parts, yet it all flowed together with a rhythm and harmony in the movement. This is a great analogy for God’s design in all of creation, that The Great Dance, the rhythm and harmony and movement that has existed forever in the Godhead, would flow out into the trillions of pieces that make up the cosmos. Of course all of that was broken with sin, when Adam and Eve fell out of rhythm with God. With sin the movement and oneness was lost.

The Glory of the gospel is that Jesus enters into the broken world of chaos and calls us back into order and the rhythm we were initially designed to live in. The great invitation of the gospel is come back into the great dance you were designed for from the beginning of time.

Dr. Jason Dees is the Senior Pastor of Valleydale Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and guest instructor at the Kanakuk Institute.

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