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The Art of Deepening

Song of Solomon – Chapters 7-8 – The Art of Deepening Review of the Love Song: Chapters 1-2 – The Courtship Chapters 3-4 – The Honeymoon Chapters 5-6 – The Conflict The world’s view is that you get married in this passionate attraction. Then you have this passionate honeymoon. The rest of your life is… Read more »

The Art of Conflict

The Art of Conflict – Message Four Good couples have conflicts. It’s no optional—you’re marrying damaged goods. There are three types of couples that don’t: The ones that are dead. One mate has pummeled the other one down so much that they just roll over like a dog. The couple has gone their separate ways…. Read more »

The Art of Intimacy

The Art of Intimacy – Message Three  We’ve seen that Song of Solomon is God’s Word regarding marital love and intimacy. Sex has become a taboo topic in our world today. If sex gets brought up in church and in families, the response is “Shhh… It’s impolite to talk about that.” If sex gets brought up… Read more »

The Art of Dating

The Art of Dating How do you date and how do you romance your wives? Let’s take a look from the Song of Solomon. 2:8-14 8 The voice of my beloved!     Behold, he comes, leaping over the mountains,     bounding over the hills. 9 My beloved is like a gazelle     or a young stag. Behold, there he stands     behind… Read more »