Dangerous Christian

In a world obsessed with status and self-satisfaction, Dangerous Christian offers an invitation to a radically different way of life. Weaving together personal experience and biblical truth, Shay Robbins takes readers on the journey of developing brave hearts to engage our broken world through:

dangerous_christian_contentbox-Discovering the radical, passionate love of Jesus Christ

-Cultivating a posture of humility and dependence on God

-Experiencing intimacy with God that changes us from the inside out

-Unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit to fight spiritual battles

-Breaking free from fear and turning our wounds into weapons

This is an invitation into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, which can transform passive believers into dangerous weapons for the Gospel. A Dangerous Christian sees the world, themselves, and other people differently. Faith, Humility, Toughness, Prayer, and a Passion to follow Jesus—that’s what has the power to change our world, make the devil tremble, and bring glory to God.

Dangerous Christian is now available. Click here to order your copy today!

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