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To Know & To Be Known

I lead a small group of ninth grade girls. The memories of the ninth grade burn in me like a song you can’t get out of your head. But sometimes the song is “It’s a Small World” and there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it stop. Awkwardly fumbling with your pile of… Read more »

5 Lies We Believe about Church Persecution

5 LIES WE BELIEVE ABOUT CHURCH PERSECUTION A Supreme Court decision. A punchline on my favorite sitcom. The department store employee that cheerfully says, “Happy Holidays!” With each law passed, with each Supreme Court decision that’s made, and with each eye-catching headline on the local news station, American Christians are facing a country that is… Read more »

He is Better

One of my favorite things at Christmastime is when my family gathers around the television to watch our old home videos.  As you can imagine, as the youngest child and the only girl, I got a whole lot of on-screen time. One of the classic videos that we can never pass up is a video in which my… Read more »


You’re scrolling through Facebook and you find a slew of new posts: Your college roommate is engaged. Your sorority sister just got a puppy. Your little brother is kinda hungry but maybe he’s just bored. An article entitled, “Take This Quiz To Discover Your Most Attractive Quality” goes by. Your uncle’s dog—WAIT MY MOST ATTRACTIVE QUALITY? THAT SOUNDS LIKE… Read more »

Polycarp – An Acceptable Sacrifice

October 31st. Even just mentioning that date brings about palpable images, right? Witches and black cats, tiny Jedis and princesses knocking on complete strangers’ doors, snaggletoothed pumpkins, candy that’s going to be 75% cheaper in just a couple days. Undeniably, Halloween in America has been muddled down to serve two purposes: A fun tradition for children… Read more »

My Name is on the Wall

A Museum of Biblical Proportions When I was eleven, my parents took me on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Washington D.C. My family absolutely loves American history and politics. Every vacation inevitably turns into some sort of history class, so the United States Capitol was certainly our land flowing with milk and honey. We did it… Read more »