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What is Not Love

As a teenager, just on the edge of truly understanding the Gospel, I remember occasionally tuning in to a pastor with a regular spot on nighttime television. He was the face of a megachurch, and his popularity was growing. And it’s no wonder why — he was charming and his words promised health, wealth, and… Read more »

When Wounds Become Idols

A wound to the heart is like a wound to the flesh. It tears into living tissue and the pain can leave us barely limping along. Healing comes slow, and even then we’re vulnerable to infection and disease and the need for continual care and cleansing leaves us anxious for the day when the wound… Read more »

Feminism & the Fall

In the wake of the last election, women’s issues seem to have come to the forefront of all mainstream media. After the first woman to run for president lost and a man who seems to have misogynistic tendencies toward women won instead, there were a lot of loud voices ready to respond. More than just respond… Read more »