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Character, Integrity, Accountability

Rod Handley is the Director of a ministry called “Character that Counts.” Listen to Rod talk about the three words he has chosen to drive his life and ministry. I chose the words character, integrity, and accountability because I knew if I wanted to get serious with my walk with the Lord and be faithful… Read more »

Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Happy Thanksgiving! Download some of our desktop wallpaper for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. We hope these images will remind you and your family how much we have to be thankful for in Christ.

Zach Werhan Photography

There is no argument that getting outside is good for the soul. Through my artwork, I try to bring the outside inside. Underwater photography sheds light on a whole new perspective and depth of creation that I aim to bring inside. It amazes me how creation always gives evidence to what the creator of the… Read more »

God’s Tree of Hope

Download our free family devotional that will offer a glimpse of how God has orchestrated history to reveal His plan of a Savior to redeem all men. We hope you will use this with your family to begin to see God’s plan in the Old Testament that points to Jesus. “The New Testament is in… Read more »

25 Days of Promises

This free devotional will help you and your family celebrate the coming of Christ and the glory of God’s redemption in the midst of the chaotic holiday season. Each day you will read a promise from the Old Testament and see how Christ fulfilled these promises by His coming. Your family will see the story come… Read more »

Dangerous Christian

In a world obsessed with status and self-satisfaction, Dangerous Christian offers an invitation to a radically different way of life. Weaving together personal experience and biblical truth, Shay Robbins takes readers on the journey of developing brave hearts to engage our broken world through: -Discovering the radical, passionate love of Jesus Christ -Cultivating a posture… Read more »

Sanctify Your Hands

I love hands. I love the way that each person’s hands are perfectly unique. Some are big, work hardened, and rough, some are slender, soft, and white, some have cute, stubby fingers, others are long. Some have wide palms, some are wrinkled and softened by time, while others are chubby and smooth, still clumsily learning… Read more »

Thrive U Book Review

Alex Demczak is the author and editor of the new devotional book Thrive U. As a former Missouri Tiger’s quarterback, Alex sought to create a book that will encourage athletes to represent Christ in the locker room and on the field. Here is a review from one of the featured Kanakuk Institute contributors and Liberty Football Alum… Read more »

Open Hands

In Jeremiah 13, we get a vivid image of the status of God’s people. They have immersed themselves fully in idol worship. We read a story in which God tells the prophet Jeremiah to purchase a linen waistband—the article of clothing which would have clung closest to a man’s person. God tells Jeremiah to bury… Read more »