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Seven Marks of Manhood

“Manhood is under attack.” “Manhood is misunderstood.” “There is now a new masculinity.” “The differences between men and women are shrinking.” These are just a few of the phrases that I have heard in the past few months about masculinity, and the idea of manhood in general. With so much talk of gender and gender… Read more »

Gun Control and the Gospel

In 1774, the British Parliament passed the Coercive Acts.  The goal of this legislation was to cease the sale of guns and gunpowder to American Colonies and to seize as many guns and gunpowder from the colonialists as possible.  The Coercive Acts were passed shortly after the Boston Tea Party. The British were trying to… Read more »

A Lot Can Happen in 500 Years

Five Hundred years ago an Augustinian monk turned professor named Martin Luther nailed a document to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Nailing documents to the church door was not an uncommon practice in Wittenberg at that time, it would have been akin to posting something to a blog or public forum today, or… Read more »


We live in a World that says, “COEXIST. All religion is basically the same, so just leave people alone, and let them believe what they want to believe. They are fine, you are fine, just be happy that you have your religion, and let them have their religion.” We live in a world that would… Read more »

The Early Church’s Bible

You may have heard the claim recently from a prominent Christian leader that the early church did not really use the Bible. The idea proposed was that the early church’s success and growth was entirely dependent on the apostles’ witness to the resurrection. Based on this idea, some would argue that christianity made its greatest… Read more »

A Marriage Without Sex

Some very dear friends of mine recently asked me to give counsel to a friend of theirs who wanted to move in with his girlfriend before marriage. Now this young man and his girlfriend are believers, and they both attend church. They believed that living together wouldn’t be an issue as long as they weren’t… Read more »

William Carey

William Carey was a Baptist missionary that lived in the 1790’s. As he was pastoring and preaching God’s Word to his church in England, he became burdened for the people around the world who had no access to the gospel. So one day, in 1793, he got on a boat and left for Serampore, India, where he… Read more »

God’s Call to ATL

Jason Dees talks about the difficult and wonderful journey to leave Birmingham and plant a church in a largely unreached part of Atlanta. “Do not find your identity in what God has called you to do, but in the God who called you to do it. Be willing to obey him and follow him wherevever… Read more »


“The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one.’” –C.S. Lewis If the gospel is true, and in Christ Christians are called to eternal relationships with one another in a never-ending Kingdom, then friendship is without a doubt one of the most important things we… Read more »

True Virtue

“If the only thing that is keeping you from sin are the obstacles to that sin and the consequences of that sin then what does that tell you about your heart” – Bruce Ware The obstacles and consequences that keep us from sin are evidences of God’s grace that help protect us from the evil… Read more »