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An Intro to The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews is kind of like the Mt. Everest of the New Testament. It takes us to the peak and exalts the supremacy of Christ like no other book. One of the other magnificent things about Hebrews is that it acts as a key to unlock the connection between the Old Testament and… Read more »

God’s Revelation of Himself

God has not left himself without witness. He reveals his will and purposes to men in various ways at various times. One major category of revelation is special revelation, where God presents his specific will for us. This is found most clearly in the person of Christ, who is God incarnate. Christ is the clearest voice of God speaking… Read more »


Charles Stolfus on the historical relationship between science and faith and the tremendous scientific evidence against a postmodern worldview. The first thing to consider when addressing the issue of evolution is the alleged battle between science and faith. Historically, this battle did not exist. In fact, the scientific revolution was driven by men of faith…. Read more »

Old Earth vs Young Earth

For most of human history, people have believed the earth to be very young. Some may not claim to know, but for Christians and Jews there was a recognition the world was on the order of thousands of years old. There was no conception of it being millions or billions of years old. But as… Read more »